Pyry and Oskari

Meet Pyry, Full-Stack Software Developer

Like many others, Pyry's initial fascination with development came from the wild possibilities of the internet. As Pyry puts it himself, "Culture grows so fast online, I've always enjoyed being online and connecting people". There are a lot of things that people can achieve together once connected digitally as a single collective mind. It's a no-brainer that Pyry would ultimately choose the digital realm & software building as his profession.
Jan 3 / 2 min read
A dream of the modern consultancy
In many ways, being a part of Rare was meant to be. In a conversation with Pyry's brother, Riku, who is a co-founder & acting CEO of Rare, he noted how, being merely teenagers, they've been circulating an idea about starting their own agency one day. It's important to experience how such software consultancies are operated from the inside, which both Pyry & Riku both did successfully.
As a result, during his Computer Science studies Pyry was already successfully building software for the leading Finnish retail chain & culture venue platform in Futurice, a known Finnish software consultancy agency, and practiced software development as a freelancer.
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Pyry's journey with Rare
In 2019, Rare Agency found its place on the map of Tampere, and Pyry became an essential part of it. He fits in like a piece of a puzzle, identifying his full-stack development capability as a secret sauce of Rare. In his own words, "If someone wants to do something, he or she does it." Staying small like Rare is also beneficial because the more people a company tends to have, the more specified roles become.
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What does Pyry like about Rare Agency?
Flexibility. It's a company full of autonomy and ownership, competitive compensation, trust, and transparent communication. It's a place where you get to learn daily while making the best of your toolset and adapting to the stack of others. But above all, at Rare I'm working with my friends.
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